Congratulations to the team at IPS- Integrated Payment Solutions for saving an Expert Sports Picks business over $3,000 a month in credit card processing fees.

This online based business provides expert analysis and betting odds on all the major sports around the world. They are a high volume processor that get a lot of traffic to their website.

Our client is processing over $100,000 per month in credit card payments. They weren’t happy with their rate but assumed because they were considered a high risk industry, there weren’t other options.

This business was hesitant about switching because they couldn’t believe the estimated savings they were being told. IPS explained that by switching to their new “Cash Back” program it would eliminate all their credit card transaction fees. This was a gamble this high stakes business was willing to take. Now, this high volume processor will never pay more than $79.99 a month in processing fees.

IPS continues to pride itself on being a true advocate to our customers and offering them real solutions that not only save them money, but increase their cash flow significantly. IPS is much more than a payment processing provider, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

To learn more about how to get integrated, please contact us at  

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