Congratulations to the team at IPS- Integrated Payment Solutions for saving a Consulting Firm over $35,000 a year in processing fees while eliminating some bad debt and providing working capital with their new SEP program.

These logistics and consulting experts are located in Oregon. They do everything from brand concept design, marketing strategies, data management, logistics, and much much more.  

Our client was paying a lot of money simply to accept a credit card. Their rates were high and they were tired of paying the hidden “junk fees.” They also had some bad debt and needed working capital for an upcoming project.   

IPS designed a plan and and quickly enrolled them into our newest SEP program (Save Eliminate Provide). The team saved this firm a ton of money by lowering their processing fees to a flat monthly cost of $79.99. Once  the processing was switched, IPS was able to help eliminate some bad debt and provide working capital which was used for a few upcoming projects.  

IPS continues to pride itself on being a true advocate to our customers and offering them real solutions that not only save them money, but increase their cash flow significantly. IPS is much more than a payment processing provider, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

To learn more about how to get integrated, please contact us at  

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