Congratulations to the team at IPS- Integrated Payment Solutions for saving a Automotive Service business over $25,000 a year in processing fees and eliminating some bad debt.

This Texas based mechanical shop has been fixing cars for decades. They are a high volume shop and credit cards are the preferred method of payment.

Our client is processing over $75,000 per month in credit card payments and had some high interest debt that was messing up his cash flow. They like most, had no idea there were other programs available to them. He’s been paying almost 4% per transaction and never looked into other options. That on top of the high payments were causing a strain to his business. Sometimes life gets in the way to take a closer look at things. IPS changed all that.  

IPS was able to diagnose the situation and put them into the best cost saving program available. By switching them to our new “Cash Discount” program, this business will never pay more than $79.99 a month in processing fees. We also took care of that debt. Now that the processing has been switched, if this mechanic ever needs quick capital, IPS will be there to complete the trifecta.

IPS continues to pride itself on being a true advocate to our customers and offering them real solutions that not only save them money, but increase their cash flow significantly. IPS is much more than a payment processing provider, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

To learn more about how to get integrated, please contact us at  

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