Congratulations to the team at IPS- Integrated Payment Solutions for setting up a local retail shop with credit card processing and state of the art equipment.

This Philadelphia based boutique has been selling fashionable clothes out of their residence since the business was established back in 2015.

Our client decided the timing was right to finally open a brick and mortar location in a very busy section of Philadelphia. They just purchased a ton of inventory and was looking for ways to keep cost down. They contacted us because they heard we were the best at what we do.

IPS didn’t let this shop owner down. Our team was able to walk the owner though the program, help determine what equipment would be best, and got everything approved and ordered within 24 hours. By enrolling into our new “Cash Back” program, this business will never pay more than $79.99 a month in processing fees.

IPS continues to pride itself on being a true advocate to our customers and offering them real solutions that not only save them money, but increase their cash flow significantly. IPS is much more than a payment processing provider, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

To learn more about how to get integrated, please contact us at  

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