This three-story NYC Chinese restaurant which is well known for their exquisite Dumplings and holds 280 people, is located just a few blocks from Rockefeller Center. They are packed 7 days a week from the time they open until they close. They heard how Biz-Pay has helped other restaurants eliminate all their merchant processing fees and contacted us in November to learn more.

They were paying over $15,000 a month in fees with their current processor. Expenses alone can make it difficult for restaurants to make a profit today. With the recent increase of cost, staffing and current supply chain issues, this business owner was desperately looking for a way to offset those expenses. He was considering raising the prices on the menu but after two months of some serious bonding and rapport, this business owner felt confident in switching over to the Biz-Pay Cash Discount program. With the money he is saving by no longer paying processing fees, he can now speed up the process of opening a second location.

The Biz-Pay team put together a plan that saves them well over $150,000 a year in fees and puts them in 7 new Clover Pro Duo stations valued at over $15,000 at no cost.

Our tech team was able to go in and seamlessly switch out all the old units with the brand new Clover devices which came pre-programmed with the restaurants seating charts, menus in both Chinese and English languages, employee info for payroll, and all 3rd party delivery apps downloaded. The install took less than three hours.

The business owner was so impressed with how well the install went, he requested the same team to do the install for the new location when that is ready to go. 

This is what we do for all our clients. It doesnt matter if you’re a multimillion dollar business or a small mom and pop shop, we treat every business with the same priority.

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