Bars and nightclubs

We Eliminate 100% of Merchant Processing Fees


Whether it be a VIP/Bottle Service establishment, a bar, or a lounge all can benefit from eliminating processing fees. When people are celebrating or out partying, they are unlikely to complain about a small charge when using a card for payment.


By joining the #1 Dual Pricing platform, bar & nightclub owners are receiving 100% of their credit card sales volume. With the recent increase of costs, staffing and supply chain issues, you can now off set these expenses by eliminating your merchant processing fees.

Bar & Nightclub Owners May Be Eligible For An Instant Line of Credit


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Thanks to Biz-Pay, our Bar can remain open.


Biz-Pay is a business saver, literally! My place was going out of business until I spoke to Domenic. Domenic was able to eliminate all of my credit card processing fees. The money I saved from eliminating processing fees was enough to get my business back up and going. Thank you Biz-Pay!!!

Esvin H.

How Biz-Pay Helps Bar & Nightclub Owners

Keep 100% of Your Sales

Pass your credit and debit card fees onto your customers with a minimal Non-Cash Charge.


Dual Pricing is Fully Compliant with Federal and State Laws

The Durbin Amendment does not allow any payment card network to inhibit a merchant’s ability to implement a cash discount.

The U.S. Has the Highest Interchange Rates

U.S. interchange rates are unregulated, allowing payment card networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to charge what they want at any time.

Raising Your Prices Loses Customers

It has been proven that raising prices costs far more customers than implementing a dual pricing program.


Offset the Rising Minimum Wage Rate

States across the U.S. are raising minimum wage rates, especially in the Tri-State area with New York at $15/hour with New Jersey now following.


Customers Receive all the Benefits from Rewards Cards

Cards like Chase Sapphire, Capital One Venture, Citibank Double Cash, & Capital One Savor
continue to offer more rewards, costing merchants over 3.5%

Why most bars and nightclubs will be using this program in the near future…

Why Joining The Universes #1 Dual Pricing Platform?


Keep 100% of Your Credit Card Sales

Biz-Pay lets you keep all of your profits by eliminating your credit  card processing fees through our dual pricing platform. All prices of goods/services are displayed in both the cash amount and credit amount. The cash amount is discounted from the credit amount. Should a customer choose to pay in credit, there will be no discount applied. We also offer surcharge services. This service applies a surcharge fee (maximum 4%) on all credit card sales of goods/services which is shown as an additional separate line item to the cost of the item/service.


Accept Card Payments Anywhere

As a Biz-Pay merchant you have access to a suite of the newest POS systems and terminals that will allow you to take payments anywhere on-the-go, making your job and your customer’s life much easier. Being able to accept payments at any given time opens your business up to a new world of opportunities and profitability.


Reward Cash Paying Customers

Biz-Pay does not only eliminate your business’s card fees with our Non-Cash Charge, but it also encourages your customers to pay with cash helping you further avoid card fees and putting cash straight into your pocket. Biz-Pay gives your business the unique ability to reward cash paying customers by giving them a lower price.



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