Whether it’s customers protecting customers from data theft, helping merchants to securely understand customers’ buying patterns or recognize unknown transactions, Biz-Pay does it all.

Storage Safe

Keep your customers protected from data theft…

StorageSafe keeps merchants and their customers protected from data theft by storing credit card information off-site in a state of the art security center. Our advanced protocols and safety measures ensure safe, encrypted transactions every time. This encryption process results less hassle, reduction of PCI scope and peace of mind for our customers and yours.


Tokens for Safe Transmission

How it Works

StorageSafe creates a customer profile, also called a “wallet” that can store multiple instances of three types of records: Consumer, Account and Shipping records. Once a card is processed, the encrypted data is stored in our secure facility, which allows merchants to schedule recurring payments and monthly billing cycles without having to store or access sensitive cardholder data. Instead the merchant uses an ID number or token for each record to retrieve the stored data. By using the token, you can easily process the card data again for recurring transactions.


  • No need to keep credit cards on file in your office
  • PCI compliant processing
  • Easily process monthly billing and recurring payments
  • State of the art encryption on all transactions

Payment Account Reference (PAR)

Maximize opportunities to identify and reward loyal customers.

Payment Account Reference (PAR) is a new capability that enables merchants to securely understand customers’ buying patterns when using multiple payments cards at different times with the same merchant. PAR functionality is built into the robust Biz-Pay processing platform. With PAR, merchants can:

  • Identify in real-time unique cardholders
  • Build a broader CRM capability
  • Enhance existing Risk/Fraud/AML prevention
  • Improve their Loyalty/Rewards programs
  • Drive better customer account management


Accelerate resolutions to disputed transactions… fast

How it Works

With ongoing growth in chargebacks from unrecognized transactions, and particularly from online or other digital activity, VMPI was created to help merchants, issuers, acquirers and cardholders an efficient method to identify valid transactions and avoid costly chargebacks. VMPI is a direct connection between the merchants’ transaction database and the issuing banks using the Visa platform. The process allows merchants to seamlessly share information to the issuers

Involves The Following

  1. Cardholder contacts their bank about a questionable transaction, and the issuer retrieves details via Visa Resolution Online (VROL)
  2. Visa validates if the merchant is registered for VMPI
  3. Visa sends a message to the merchant for additional information
  4. Merchant provides additional data such as order details, tracking, refund, etc.
  5. Merchant responds in near-real-time to the issuer
  6. Visa provides data to issuer, who then verifies details with the cardholder


Domenic was absolutely the best!! He was able to eliminate all my processing fees consolidated and eliminated some bad debt!! Customer service is 100x better then any company I’ve ever worked with always there and always answer phones to help!! I am a huge supporter of this company and recommend highly.”



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