Zero-Fee Merchant Processing


By using our technology we can eliminate all the fees associated with accepting a credit card by passing it in a compliant way to the customer.


No matter what your credit card sales volume is, you will never pay more than $49.99 a month!

The days of paying hefty interchange fees, transaction fees, batch fees, and hidden junk fees are over. Due to recent changes to Federal Regulations businesses can now enroll into the Biz-Pay cash back rewards program which will eliminate all those fees forever.


Unlimited Transactions


By implementing the cash back rewards program in your business you can now process unlimited transactions every month and only pay one flat fee. Best of all, your fees will never increase like they do now with your current processor. You’ll never have to worry about getting hit with hidden fees or surprise rate increases.

  • Fully Compliant Solutions
  • Pass credit card processing fees on to the consumer
  • Save money and resources

Lifetime Gaurantee

For those of you who are concerned about losing customers, don’t! The program comes with a lifetime gaurantee. If at any time you want to go back to paying fees with traditional merchant processing, we will simply switch you back but at a less expensive rate than what you were paying. Studies have shown that a month after switching to this program, the customers’ purchasing decisions are rarely affected. Merchants have also reported that most of their customers do not even ask about the insignificant service fee. The fact is that this small service fee added to individual transactions has a small impact on your customer but a much larger impact on your cost of doing business.

  • Cash Discounting is Fully Compliant with Federal and State Laws

The Durbin Amendment does not allow any payment card network to inhibit a merchant’s ability to implement a cash discount.


  • Avoid Junk Fees and All Other Miscellaneous Fees

Junk fees are just one example of a junk fee charged by your traditional credit card processor.



  • Offset the Rising Minimum Wage Rate

States across the U.S. are raising minimum wage rates.


  • The U.S. Has the Highest Interchange Rates

U.S. interchange rates are unregulated, allowing payment card networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to charge what they want at any time. Interchange fees will continue to increase to the merchant.


  • Offset Other Constantly Growing Costs of Doing Business

From rising rent to inventory costs, the cost of doing business grows every year for merchants with no relief.



  • Raising Your Prices Loses Customers

It has been statistically proven that raising prices costs far more customers than implementing a dual pricing program. Some of the best business types using Zero Fee Merchant Processing


Some of The Best Types of Businesses Using

Zero-Fee Merchant Processing


Expenses can make it difficult for restaurants to make a profit. Switching to Biz-Pay will eliminate the restaurants processing bill, making profit come easy.


Credit card fees hit hard for all healthcare businesses but especially chiropractors, doctors, dentists and pharmacies due to the Co-Pays. Switching to Biz-Pay will eliminate these fees.

High Risk

Biz-Pay is one of the only Merchant Service Providers accepting Business to Customer and Business to Business CBD, Vape, Hemp, and Tobacco merchant accounts. Let us help grow your business!


Roadside Assistance

With our specialized roadside payment terminal, you can process transactions immediately on-the-go. Our Cash Discounting platform gives your customer the power of choice, relieving them of the stress of payments, while in an emergency situation.  

Deli and supermarkets

Thanks to Biz-Pay, Grocery stores & Supermarkets do not have to lose customers to Credit Card Minimums. They can also accept credit cards with no fee, regardless of the amount being charged.


No more scaring away customers with the minimum charge on credit and debit card signs. Thanks to Biz-Pay, pizzarias wont have to worry about decreased profits due to processing fees.


When it comes to Retail, retailers know that overhead cost, labor, and inventory slim down margins significantly​. Small net margins make retailers prime candidates for Biz-Pay.

Liquor Stores

Labor and inventory costs have increased making it difficult for liqour stores to make a profit. using Biz-Pay can offset this and help make up for the lost profits.


By switching to Biz-Pay, wholesalers no longer have to give terms because they can now collect payments up front via credit card.

Service Industries

Switching to Biz-Pay allows companys in the service industry to make significantly more profit.When assisting a customer in an urgent situation, the customer has no problem paying for the convenience of using their Credit Card.

Bars and Nightclubs

Eliminating processing fees allows for bars and nightclubs to make more money making. When people are celebrating or out partying, they are enjoying their time and usually dont mind paying a small charge when using a card for payment.


Salons & Spas

Salons and Spas love Biz-Pay. Whether it’s a massage or a facial treatment; the amount they charge is the amount they receive.


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